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Peter Meyer

Founder and Principal, The Meyer Group

As a founder and principal of The Meyer Group, Peter Meyer brings a strong management and general management background to any keynote or talk. In addition to his own experience he conducts ongoing, targeted research in management and strategy among company owners and officers across the United States. Many of the details in his speeches and manuscripts come from this work.

Peter has over a decade and a half of successful experience as a manager and problem solver for two of the largest communications and technology companies in the world and one of the smallest. As a manager of sales, instruction, development, and as a general manager of a separate "intrapreneurial" business, he has sampled and succeeded in a variety of business functions.

A popular and accomplished speaker, he has done speaking tours on management, technology, and strategies throughout the United States, in Europe, the Far East, and Australia. He has also twice addressed the Commonwealth Club of California, guest lectured at the University of California and at Santa Clara University. Some of the companies that he has addressed are listed in the attachment.

Peter is regularly published in business journals. In the past few months he already has recent articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Canadian Business Review, Business Horizons, Dateline, the Internet Business Journal, Executive Female, and The Recorder as well as a profile of him in Entrepreneur. He was recently named the contributing editor for technology for the Business & Economic Review. For a complete list or clips, please feel free to call Capitol Speakers.

Based in Scotts Valley, Ca., The Meyer Group specializes in executive and management development.


Wells Fargo Bank
Bank Of America
Charles Schwab and Company
IBM (in the US and Australia)
Mitsubishi (in Tokyo and the US)
Omron (in Tokyo)
Dow Chemical
Shell Oil
Gerber Foods
Lockheed Corporation
Lockheed California Company
Pacific Western Bank
George Fischer GF
In-Focus Systems

Fujitsu America
Aspect Telecommunications
Tandem Computers
Compression Labs Incorporated
Digital Equipment/TER
Samsung (in Seoul)
Chevron Research and Technology
Wall Data

The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco
Korean Air Lines (in Seoul)
Southern California Gas
Abraham Publishing
The Kaiser Foundation
Hong Kong Telephone
World Wildlife Fund
The Sierra Club
The Oakland Tribune
Target Stores

State Of California - Dept. of Resources
City of Los Angeles
The Telecommunications Training Institute (in Taipei)
The Government of South Korea
Santa Clara University
University of California (Berkeley and Santa Cruz)
ACUTA (in Canada and the US)
University of Manitoba
Pepperdine University

Partial Business Publications List -
1992 - 1997

Executive and Management Articles

Promotions Are Not A Reward - Manager's Journal - The Wall Street Journal - May 1, 1995

Why Make Managers? - Business Horizons (The Editor's Chair) - Jan. 1996

Jigsaw Management - Faster and Better Decisions - The Canadian Business Review - Winter 1995-1996

How Much Does That Technology Cost Your Business? - The Business & Economic Review - Oct. 1996

What Keeps the CEO Up at Night? - Business & Economic Review - Sep. 1997

A Surprisingly Simple Way To Make Better Decisions - Executive Female - Mar. 1995

The Jigsaw Management Model - Business & Economic Review - Apr. 1992

How to Make Objectives More Effective - R& D Innovator - Oct. 1995

Jigsaw Management Model Investing - Business & Economic Review - Oct. 1992

Solving Real Problems With Jigsaw Puzzles - The London Observer - Fall, 1996

Peter Meyer Teaches Strategic Planning - ACUTA News - Jun. 1993

Piece De Resistance - profile in Entrepreneur - Feb. 1994

Jigsaw Management: Putting All the Pieces Together - THE Recorder - Apr. 22, 1994

Successful Promotions and the Bucket of Ashes - Business Horizons - May 1994

Rightsizing Your Association - Four Proven Alternatives Every Association Executive Should Know - Dateline - Sep. 1994

Can You Give Good, Inexpensive Rewards? - Some Real Life Answers - Business Horizons - Dec. 1994

Jigsaw Management: Piecing Together Appraisals - Solutions Magazine - Jun. 1995

Effective Incentives - Solutions Magazine - Nov. 1995

Jigsaw Management - A Research Solution - with Dr. Richard Meyer - Business Quest - Jan. 1996

Advising for Better and Faster Decisions - The Bottom Line - Fall, 1996

Betting a Billion at Christmas - A Practical Customer Service Solution - Business Quest - Jan. 1996

Using the Information SuperHighway for Business

Internet Blues - - Business & Economic Review - Apr. 1997

How To Keep Your Company From Becoming Roadkill on the Information Superhighway - Business & Economic Review - Oct. 1994/ Jan. 1995

Take Advantage of the World Wide Web - Business & Economic Review - Oct. 1995

Surviving the Information SuperHighway - Internet Business Journal - Feb. 1995

Take Your Web Page to Your Customers - Business & Economic Review - Apr. 1996

Beyond the Net - Electronic Business that Works - The Business Resource - Sep. 1997

Marketing Articles

Successfully Sell Your Services Over the Internet, with Teresita Dabrieo - Potentials in Marketing - Sep. 1996

Consultants' Barriers to Raising Fees - Your Business - Mar. 1996

Your Customer Wants a Discount? - The Business Review - Summer, 1997

Strategies: Selling Through Seminars - Interview in Sales & Marketing Management - May, 1995

A Simple Way to Make Decisions - Potentials in Marketing - Jun. 1995

Asked for a Discount? Raise Your Price - DM News - Jan. 1996

Using Direct Marketing to Get to Senior Executives - A High Tech Example - DM News - Nov. 1995

How Should I Set My Prices? - with Herman Holtz -Independent - Jul. 1996

Additional articles scheduled for the near future include:

Holding Your Price - a series of articles chartered by and to appear in SalesDoctors from June 1997 through June 1998

Jigsaw Management, Better and Faster Decisions - Media3 - Spring 1998

Will the Killer Application Kill Your Business? - Business & Economic Review - Jan. 1998

So You Want to Be CEO? - Business Horizons, Editor's Chair - Jan 1998

Finding the Funds for Information Technology - Business Communications Review - Spring 1998

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