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Paul Gregoire

Paul Gregoire spends his time doing what he calls "playing with puzzles." His clients look at him as a person who can create marketing databases that find prospective customers that the client might have missed. His skill is in making the pieces fit together.

Paul provides the ability to help a business get the highest priority leads to the sales team. The result is that your salespeople are calling on the best leads, not whatever they find during the day. By focusing on the best leads over the rest, the salespeople can create considerably more revenue per lead, and the client gets the benefit of more sales at a lower cost.

Two examples may help.

1 - For a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software company, Paul helped to identify the top 100,000 prospects in the United States and Canada. This includes companies that were not yet ready to buy or even to define the requirements, but were likely to be defining that need within a year. Then Paul sorted these 100,000 to find the best 12,000. With that, the CRM company redesigned territories and was able to ensure that the sales representatives worked on the best leads first. He has done this for other companies as well.

For more information on how Paul does this, please see Funding New Markets from Existing Businesses - Opportunity Databases - Business Horizons, Nov 1999

A second example is the creation and maintenance of a custom database for channel management. When the company decided to move into a new market and the database requirements grew beyond what their IS department could quickly support, the Meyer Group created the structure and built it in a week. Since then, Paul has been maintaining a critical part of the program for the company, making it transparent for the company's customers.

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