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What Is the Meyer Index?
A quarterly summary of companies that are succeeding at creating and dominating new markets that did not previously exist. The Meyer Index is a free resource to media and analysts who cover new markets. Each quarter, we'll look at companies that are succeeding, and businesses that have not been able to make a new market happen. You'll find concise analysis and summaries of key lessons, and all in a page per company or less.

Why the Focus On Creating and Dominating New Markets?
More than ever, this is the right time for a business to build a future, not just wait for one. In a purely business sense, many companies are using new markets as a long term recovery strategy. From the human side, many executives and owners are reaching for the satisfaction of creating something to build their own future. How is this building a future? New markets offer the chance to reap substantial profits, operate in a nearly competition free environment, and to proactively build something new and successful. It can be a compelling story.

Why Now?
Times are difficult. Some companies will roll with the economic troubles, some will sink. A few will aggressively work to benefit from disruption and dislocation. Some of those will be the leaders for tomorrow, but more importantly they are the affirmative business stories for today. Only a few will move to create markets. That makes those few all the more important and newsworthy. They will affect the future, and this is your chance to report on that future as it happens.

Who Is the Meyer Group?
A management consulting firm in Scotts Valley, CA, the Meyer Group focuses real expertise on growth issues and on creating and dominating new markets. Peter Meyer is a principal of the group, and the author of Warp-Speed Growth (AMACOM, 2000) and Creating and Dominating New Markets (AMACOM, 2002.) An expert in this area, Peter is also readily available to the press and analyst community for background information or quotes. If you have a need, send him a quick note at
Peter@MeyerGrp.com or call him at 831-439-9607.

He is very responsive to the press, just tell him if you are on deadline.

How Can You Get the Meyer Index?
Ask. Send a note to
Index@MeyerGrp.com and tell us:
-- Your affiliation (network, newspaper, show, or equivalent.)
-- Your normal beat
-- Your favorite way to get this kind of information (US Mail? E-mail? Fax?)
-- Your contact information

Would you like a Meyer Index example on:
-- Personal Video Recorders and TiVo
-- HIV treatments and Thalomid

If so, please drop a note to
Example@MeyerIndex.com and you'll get a Word document sent as an attachment. If you would prefer a different form, just say so in the E-mail text. Real people read the notes, and we'll respond.

email: index@meyergrp.com
phone: (831) 439-9607

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