Barriers To Raising Your Fees

by Herman Holtz and Peter Meyer

You may know that most consultants earn incomes that fall into one of two areas. There are a very large number of consultants (the vast majority of all surveyed) who take home from $50,000 to $75,000 per year. They are comfortable.

But, there are a small number of consultants who take home from $125,000 to $225,000. The number is much smaller, and they are much more comfortable.

What is the difference? What do you need to do to move from the $50,000 majority to the $200,000 elite?

We looked at two things. One was the barriers to increasing fees. For that we surveyed several hundred consultants. The results of that survey are not yet published but you can see them at this site.

The other thing we looked at was why some consultants do not seem to have barriers. We found that the consultants with the happiest clients and best incomes were using variations on a process. So, we decided to document that process. The short version is here. For a more detailed version complete with example, please jump to Article from DM News: Using the 7 Step Process to Raise Your Price. For an even longer, more complete paper on this, see the end of The 7 Step Process.