Why Would You Choose the Meyer Group?

Why Would You Choose the Meyer Group?

Why would you call TMG?

A common question we get is - so what do you actually do? Part of the answer is to list some ways that we have helped other companies to grow. Part of the answer is to talk about how we do it.

For several multi-nationals and start ups, we are helping them to identify, understand, and enter new markets. They are doing some of the foot work, we are doing some. Most importantly, we are making them ask the right questions to make sure that the right foot work is being done. We follow a structured process for this, which we call The 7-Step process.

For several of the leading call center vendors we are working with the sales teams to focus on where they sell. For instance, for one company we are working with the team to help them understand what keeps CEOs awake at night, and what to do about it. With another, we have helped them identify the top 10,000 prospects in the US, before they start assigning territories. This allows them to get a higher revenue per sales representative.

For a software company looking for rapid, sustainable growth, we are helping them in two areas. One is to identify exactly where to market (and where not to invest resources) and then in operational areas. The question is exactly the same - you only have so many resources to invest in projects, so how can you make sure that you are investing them correctly? We are helping them ask that question and answer it.

Most of our growth clients have exactly the same issue - not enough time, people, or money to sustain growth over time. So what do we wind up doing? Often, we wind up taking the managers away for a day to ask questions. The model: we ask the right questions, the managers figure out who will answer them. Sometimes it is a case of the blindingly obvious, sometimes it requires a great deal of discussion. Our role in these is to ask the questions that focus the participants directly onto the right things to do. We just know the right questions to ask, and we do that for you.


Peter Meyer