Business and Metaphysics

Business and Metaphysics

If you want our secret sauce (this is Peter writing), start with this underlying assumption:

            If you and I operate from good we will just illuminate more good and it will resonate.

This sounds like a philosophy, but I and the rest of the Meyer Group members manage it as a science. You know how people say that s**t happens? Good happens as well. What we do is to make the good happening into a repeatable process. My articles and books take this from a business point of view. However, this is just one aspect of metaphysics.

What is metaphysics? That is actually simple. If you think about it, everything that makes physics and business work comes from beyomd their mechanics. It’s everything that explains why the physical or business world works. It is the “meta” for physics and business.

Why take the time to understand this? At first, to get what you want from the physical or business world. But as you get further into it, you might find that the reason to understand metaphysics is to increase what you gain from yourself and your business.

If you are curious, Peter teaches metaphysics using the Walter Method. Feel free to ask him about it. You can also get a bit more background on this if you pop over to: Eschatology – The Walter Method