Helping Businesses Grow Rapidly and Sustainably

Why would you call The Meyer Group? To help your business or consulting firm with rapid growth, and to make that growth saner and more sustainable. Many clients just want advice, but some have asked for more sources of revenue, and specific programs to make better use of time, people, and money. We deliver results, and some are listed here.

Create, Enter, and Dominate New Markets

… Helped a data networking technology firm define, create, and then enter a new voice market,

… Helped two Japanese based Multi-nationals to create, enter, and then dominate two different technology markets in the U.S.

… Helped a call center company target and then dominate a new market niche inside the Fortune 1000,

… Helped a networking technology firm identify (capturing the name, phone, and specific need) $621 Million in revenue opportunity in a market that was new for them, allowing their sales team to start with the hottest prospects first,

… Helped several software companies to create opportunity databases, allowing their teams to call on the best prospects first in new markets,

… Helped a computer company add just over $90 Million in revenue while saving $12.85 Million in service expenses,

… Helped a German software company to define, enter, and work to dominate a new U.S. market in Internet software,

… Helped a PBX manufacturer to cut product release times by two to four weeks, substantially increasing revenue and speeding time to a new market,

… Helped a deregulating ISO (electricity distribution company created in deregulation) to settle their market,

… Helped several established service and software companies get double digit percentage increases in revenue,

… Helped one of the world's best ski schools to increase their revenue and improve their skiers' satisfaction.

Attract, Retain, and Help Grow the Best People

… Helped a leading call center supplier to grow existing U.S. managers to be General Managers without disrupting a string of quarters at 100% of targets,

… Helped a leading international PBX manufacturer to restructure their US service organization to be run by field General Managers, without disrupting a string of quarters at 100% of targets,

… Helped a management team at a leading network equipment supplier to develop general management skills while continuing internal growth at 75% per year,

… Helped a management team at a leading network equipment supplier to quadruple performance to target with a doubling of staff and no lag time,

… Helped an international law and advocacy firm and an international nonprofit to design and launch their management development efforts,

Invest Resources for Better Results

… Designed and initiated a $500,000 business plan and the management and skill training for a business turn around, (and got a third party to pay for it), and

… Helped a major utility to design, organize, and implement a plan that cut $110 Million in costs in preparation for a merger.

… Helped one of the world's largest insurance corporations plan and define their technology principles and investments,

… Helped a multinational to bring a $40 Million program budget under control, allowing it to meet targets for the first time,

… Helped a leading network equipment supplier's service organization to measure and manage by customer and employee satisfaction,

… Helped forty-six US and Canadian universities to build workable strategic technology plans,

Your teams can also get more results with less time, fewer people, and at a lower cost.

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