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Difficult Choices:
Not Easier but Quicker
Using Quantum Physics and Coin Flips

- By Peter Meyer, Scheduled for publication in Medium,
April 2017

Building a Disruptive Business
- By Peter Meyer, published in Business Quest, the Journal of the Richards School of Business, January 2017

Guaranteeing Your Customer's Satisfaction:
Can it help increase your business' revenue?

- By Peter Meyer, published by
Excellence Essentials, August 2016

Can Brain Surgery Help Your Business Grow?
- By Peter Meyer, published by
Excellence Essentials, June 2016

Growing Your Revenue and Using an OS
- By Peter Meyer, published by Excellence Essentials,
May 2016

Doing Better Than Zero-Sum and Win/Win.
Building a Disruptive Business

- Published on Medium on March 25, 2016,
copr. Peter Meyer, all rights reserved

Growing Revenue: How Do We Make Money Happen?
- By Peter Meyer, 2016

Getting Your Idea Used: A True Story of a CEO's Failure
- By Peter Meyer, 2016

The Actor's Opportunity — Strategies from Successful Executives
- By Peter Meyer, Atul Dighe, and Justin Van Epps, Fall 2013

Pricing to Create and Dominate New Markets for Across the Board
- By Peter Meyer - published by the Conference Board, Spring 2000

CEOs as Ethical Role Models
- By Peter Meyer, for the Business and Economic Review

Is Money the Right Problem?
- By Peter Meyer, for the Financial Times, October 2001

Betting a Billion at Christmas - A Practical Customer Service Solution
- By Jeanne Sawyer and Peter Meyer Business Quest, January 1996

New Markets? Let Your Customers Help
- By Peter Meyer - Business & Economic Review, April 2000

Why VARs and Other Resellers Fail
- By Peter Meyer - VARBusiness, Jan. 31, 2002

Jigsaw Management, A Research Solution
- By Peter Meyer and Richard Meyer - Business Quest Jan. 1996

Adding Value by Being Self-ish
- By Peter Meyer - article written for Daryl Conner - April 2013

Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle of Leadership
- American Management Association - Fall 2003

Lessons From the Real World of Major Business Initiatives
- Business & Economic Review - 2003

Is Money the Right Pitch?
- Business & Economic Review - April 2002

What Keeps the CEO Up At Night
- Business & Economic Review - Sept. 1997

Promotions Are Not A Reward
- Manager's Journal - The Wall Street Journal - May 1, 1995

Trouble Finding Good People? Stop Trying to Hire Them
- by Peter Meyer The Business & Economic Review - Fall, 1998

Why Make Managers?
- Business Horizons (The Editor's Chair) - January, 1996

Will the Killer Application Kill Your Company?
- Business & Economic Review in January, 1998

How to Make R&D Objectives More Effective
- R&D Innovator - October, 1995

Rightsizing Your Association - Four Proven Alternatives Every Association Executive Should Know
- Dateline - September 1994

Can You Give Good, Inexpensive Rewards? - Some Real Life Answers
- Business Horizons - December, 1994

Boost Results With Effective Incentives
- Solutions Magazine - November 1995

Jigsaw Management , Faster and Better Decisions in Finance
- Media3 - Fall 1997

Technology: A Network Computer for Your Business?
- Business and Economic Review - April 1998.

So You Want the President's Job . . .
- Business and Economic Review - April 1998.

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