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Why Would You Choose the Meyer Group?

You get the best combination of experience and analysis. Peter Meyer, a principal of the group, literally wrote the book on Creating and Dominating New Markets. Using the experience of clients and case studies such as Cisco Systems, AOL/Time Warner, FedEx, and dozens of others, Peter has developed two key components that are unique to the Meyer Group.

First, he has crisply defined the common denominators for success for Creating and Dominating New Markets. We don't guarantee your new market success, but if you hew to these patterns, your chances of success are dramatically higher. You'll find that you can improve your chances of success while reducing the cost of getting there.

Second, he has defined a success filter system. This allows you to take an active new market plan and test it, quickly and efficiently, against filters developed specifically for that purpose. What might take months in the marketplace can be tested in days in this lab environment.

A former executive for IBM and Siemens, Peter has the background to know what works and what doesn't in real business. The team at The Meyer Group consists exclusively of former line managers. The work we do is practical, experience based, and guaranteed. When it comes to Creating and Dominating New Markets, we know more, and know how to apply it for your benefit. We will guarantee that for you.

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