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What Is the Meyer Index Corporate Service?

The Meyer Index Corporate Service (MICS) is a comprehensive review of your plan to create and dominate a new market. It takes place in six steps, which we have designed to take as little time away from your work as possible.

1 - The initial interview. We'll spend around 90 minutes with you discussing the market plan. This interview will follow a specific list of questions devised by Peter Meyer, the author of <<Creating and Dominating New Markets.>> You shouldn't be surprised if the questions cause you to improve your plans immediately.

2 - Reading. We'll take any and all written materials that you have to share, and review them before taking more time from your team. The more you share with us, the more efficiently we can use your time.

3 - Stakeholder Interviews. We'll ask you to identify the key stakeholders in your new market work. We'll take 30 to 60 minutes from each to ask a set of key questions based on the interview and the reading. Each stakeholder will get the same core questions. It wouldn't be unusual to have substantial differences between the answers, and those differences are important to understand before you execute the plan.

4 - Analysis and Filtering. Offline, we'll apply the Meyer Index filters to the answers and to your plans. Using the filters, we'll screen the plans for areas you could improve. Your plan will receive both a score indicating the chance of success, and specific suggestions to improve that score.

5 - Design Session. You, the stakeholders, and we will meet for a half day to review the filters and screens. We'll make specific suggestions, and suggest that your team tear them apart and help us improve them. This allows the best of two worlds, combining your product/customer knowledge and our new markets knowledge in a very short period. At the end, we will jointly lay out an action plan and we'll ask your team to commit, to themselves, to the plan that they are creating.

6 - Summary. Within two business days we'll deliver a short report that will document the gaps, solutions, and what the team agreed to do. You'll have a plan that will have a much higher probability of success in a very short time.

How Long Will This Take?

The rate controlling factor on time to results is usually the schedule of your team members. If they are available, you can usually have a much better plan within two to three weeks. This requires an intensive amount of work from our team but little time from your team members. Typically, they will each invest less than 6 hours in this phase. When we ask their attention, it will be meaningful.

How Many People Will Be Involved?

Each project is individual, but you should look to the top stakeholders. This typically includes marketing, development, sales, finance, and operational executives, perhaps six to ten people overall including the sponsor. In our first interview, we'll set the list.

How Much Will This Cost?

The service is a flat fee arrangement, plus travel. The cost is $27,500 per project, plus reasonable expenses.

Is Your Data Safe?

A note on confidentiality: We maintain it for you. Please ask us to sign your standard confidentiality agreement.

Are There Any Guarantees?

A note on our warrantee: We warrant your satisfaction with our work. If you are not satisfied, ask Peter to refund your fees. You should expect a better plan to create and dominate a new market with the concurrence of your key stakeholders. That is what you will get.

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What Is the Meyer Index Corporate Service?

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