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What Does the Index Mean to You

Your business can gain advantage from the Meyer Index in two ways:

Option 1 - Feel free to read the media versions of the Index and draw lessons about what to do and not do for your own business. All you have to do is to subscribe to the Index and read the quarterly reports. By looking at the success stories, the failures, and why each went that way you can draw conclusions that can be of real use to you.

Option 2 - Proactively shorten the path to a new market by asking us to help you apply the best lessons to your business. When you take the best practices of the success stories, combine them with the steps to avoid the failures, and then apply the appropriate lessons to your own new market projects, you have the chance to shorten the path to customer acceptance. We can do that for you. For a flat fee ($27,500) we'll review your plans, your market, and rank you according to our success matrix. The result will be a score, and some practical tips on how to increase your score. For details, please see What is the Meyer Index Corporate Service?

What Results Can You Expect From the Matrix?

A - The worst case scenario is that your score is very high, and you can't do much more to succeed creating and dominating a new market. In that case, the service will save you considerable internal analysis and effort.

B - The second worst case is that your score will be hopelessly low. You'll see a list of strategies to raise the score that will convince you to abandon the project. You'll avoid the cost in time and money to chase a nightmare. You can invest your time, people, and money in a better opportunity.

C - The more likely case is that you'll have a project that could get to market acceptance a little faster, at a lower cost, if you did a few things. We'll quickly help you chart the path you need to follow.

Is this guaranteed? We'll cheerfully guarantee the quality of our work for you. Only you can guarantee your success in creating a market where one did not exist before.

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What Does the Index Mean to You

What Is the Meyer Index Corporate Service?

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