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Can I Charge for A Good Proposal?
- Media3

Successfully Sell Your Services Over the Internet
- with Teresita Dabrieo - Potentials in Marketing - Sept 1996

Consultants' Barriers to Raising Fees
- Your Business - March 1996

How Should I Set My Prices
- with Herman Holtz - March 1996/p>

Price for Income, or Price for Fairness?
- with Herman Holtz - Independent - Sept. 1996

Using a USP to Get More and Better Contracts
- with Herman Holtz - Independent - April 1996

Planning to Hold Your Price - Using a U.S.P. to Differentiate You
- SalesDoctors - September 29, 1997

Success Criteria - Ask So That You Can Sell
- SalesDoctors - October 27, 1997

The 7-Step Process (short version)

The 7-Step Process (long version)


How to raise consulting fees without losing clients
- with Herman

Barriers consultants face when trying to raise their fees
- with Herman

How to bill more than $100,000 in one year
- with Herman

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