Creating and Dominating New Markets

Would you like your business to create and then dominate new markets?

Founding and governing a market offers unmatched brand awareness, the luxurious financial position of having no competition, and tremendous enjoyment for the owners and managers. Creating and Dominating New Markets shows managers, executives, and business owners how to emulate the remarkable success of savvy market creators such as Microsoft, FedEx, and AOL.

The book delivers specific success strategies, on how to:

  • Identify the right market to create
  • Use common denominators for success
  • Avoid common and costly pitfalls that can easily derail efforts
  • Find funding to support a new market
  • Make best use of time, people, money, and technology.

Very readable and packed with instructive examples and entertaining stories, the book teaches readers new strategies and tactics for jumping ahead of the competition and building an exciting, profitable venture.

Warp Speed Growth

Managing the Fast Track Business Without Sacrificing Time, People, and Money.

You know how hard it is to grow a business rapidly and stay sane? This book will show you the strategies and applications to get it done.

Getting Started in Computer Consulting

The must have book for consultants looking to grow their practices. With an extensive section on systemized sales and marketing, this book is great for any consultant who wants to set up or grow a firm. Or even those who just want to work more and sell less.