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Taking Positive Lessons from the Election - Moving On and Growing

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By the time that you read this, the polls will have closed, but the conversations are not yet ending. Perhaps this is a good time to go to a place of building and growing.
Are there lessons that we can apply to growing our community and business? Lets look at this thing as a gigantic consumer marketing event. With that in mind, here are 6 important lessons that we can take and use for our own businesses:

1 - Check your data even after you have made your decision. Going onto autopilot on data may work, or it might not. We saw that campaigns used the wrong data in key places and didn't check it. They then made mistakes that could have been avoided.
2 - Don't define yourself by your competition. What did the major Presidential candidates do in the debates? How did their consumers react? To grow a business, or create a new market, define your business by what the customer will value not what the competition does.
3 - What got you to your current success may not get you to your next success. In any market your next customers may not be like your past ones. In growth, you can almost guarantee that your new customers will be different. Don't assume that you know what they want. Ask.
4 - Not all publicity is good publicity. This was a big AHA for me that I should have already recognized. Unless you get your approval rating higher than either of the main candidates, publicity can be a negative. The best practice is to work on building trust *before* publicity happens to you. Make trust part of your brand as a business. And as an individual.
5 - Be honest and approachable but not transparent with your customers. Make integrity and approachability a part of your brand and you will differentiate your business in a positive way.
6 - Don't put it in email unless you don't mind if everyone can see it.
No matter what you think of the Presidential race, you can use lessons from it to build your business in a more positive way than this consumer contest was run.

Growing a business is not about winning one cycle. Growth is about defining a way to win in a systematic and repeatable way. We owe it to ourselves and our businesses to do that, to learn and move forward today.


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Peter Meyer

Owner/Founder of TMG

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