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Growing Your Revenue and Using an OS

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Where do you start if you want to grow revenue? Let's look at a different approach.

When you use your phone or computer, you use an OS. It is the basic set of rules and assumptions for your device. They are in place when you boot up.

It is the same with projects to increase revenue. When your sales, marketing, operations, and customer service teams start up tomorrow morning they'll start with rules and assumptions already in place. This enables your revenue growth. Let's explore that for a second.

Booting Up
But first, do you remember BIOS? Whenever your PC style computer boots, there is a Basic Input/Output System (BIOS firmware) that tells your computer how to think. It sets the assumptions for hardware and software.

You should never see the BIOS, but you'll often find the limits it sets on your machine's performance. Someone invested a lot of time and money to set the assumptions for you. Your business machine deserves the same care and thought if you want it to run smoothly. And that takes your attention.

The Starting Point
Lets start with the two assumptions from this book:
- Would you want your sales team to work from an assumption of limits or an assumption that they should strive for more growth?
- Should the team assume that they take revenue or that they make revenue?

The assumption of limits vs. growth is fundamental to how they approach their territories. The choice of taking what comes or making things happen is fundamental to how they generate you revenue growth. These make up part of the BIOS for your sales team. (And for your marketing, product, operations, HR, and other teams.)

Who is responsible for the OS for your sales teams? Who sets the assumptions with which they start every day? This isn't a sales training issue. This is a cultural question. Who is responsible for the culture of the team that grows your business? Do you want to accept that this is correct for you, or do you want to help make the assumptions better? Who should make that decision if not you?

When your sales team boots up today, do they assume what you would want them to assume? This is the key leverage point for your revenue. This is where you can have immense impact on the way your business grows.

This is not a once per year discussion; no more than BIOS is updated once each year. You can cause a refresh of your sales/finance/operations/service team's BIOS next Monday. Or next quarter. But why wait to start right?

If you want some suggestions, look at Mindset by Carol Dweck or Ansel Adams' Autobiography. Or give me a call. But let's make it an intentional choice.

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