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Bill Leeds

The Leeds Company is a marketing strategy firm that helps develop - Highly qualified new business prospects and - Market information for hi-technology firms. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with over 600 companies from Fortune 1000 to start ups. Our core competencies include qualified lead generation on an out source basis, in-house setup and training, market investigation and assistance in lead follow up and tracking.

The Leeds Company has developed a Pilot program which is designed to do two things: 1) develop an initial pipeline of highly qualified leads for sales people and 2) document this process to ensure it is repeatable and transferable.

List of Services

More Prospects- Our lead generation programs, which include strategic cold calling to targeted markets, give you a steady stream of highly qualified prospects and will reduce your cost-per-qualified lead substantially.

Follow-Up Leads - Make the most of the leads your sales people can't give full attention to. Let us sort out potential winners and eliminate the time wasters. We can then track these for status and follow up to keep your sales pipeline moving.

Telesales/Telemarketing Training - Give your people our expert, systematic training for best results in handling your inbound calls (customer service, tech support, sales, receptionist) and outbound calls (prospecting, selling, customer retention).

In-House Audit - Identify areas where your in-house sales staff can be more effective in day to day operations in reaching and selling prospects. Pinpoint the inefficiencies and problems that are holding your department back. Includes fully customized, precise guidelines on what will lead to maximum performance. You benefit from our 20 years of experience with 600 companies in providing the best strategies and methodologies possible for superior in-house sales and telemarketing.

Seminar Bookings - Want more attendees? We recently signed up over 300 CEOs and CFOs at $1000 each (plus expenses) in 60 days, for a new technology seminar.

Test Your Message - Know your best value proposition before you create an ad, direct mailer or key sales message of any kind. We can develop and/or test your value proposition in the real market so you get a proven message that maximizes your sales and promotion efforts.

Screening and Hiring - Ensure you get the best staff possible by letting us help you screen and hire your in-house telemarketing staff. A leading medical products firm had us screen and interview over 3,000 people to hire and train for 60 positions. Virtually all exceeded expectations and most have progressed from telemarketing to field sales and some into regional management.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Keep a pulse on your customers. Learn exactly how satisfied they are, what they want from you now and in the future. Current customers are your best source of future income, don't lose them.

Territory Management - A simple and easy to use system for setting and adjusting territories, tracking sales performance, or targeting your marketing efforts. Know the exact sales potential for each territory and county and for each industry/vertical market you serve. This system will also help you measure sales performance versus potential for each sales rep by industry and county.

Competitive Analysis - Find out what competitors say to prospects about their products and what they tell people when asked about your company. Learn how they see the market, what technologies they plan to use and what markets they are/will concentrate on. Receive a chart breakout of features, benefits and drawbacks for each company.

Some of our clients include Lucent Technologies, Accpac, NEC, @Road, Gauss-Interprise, UptimeOne, El Camino Resources, Johnson & Johnson, Extreme Networks, Xircom and Recourse Technologies.

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