Protons and Your 2020 Growth

What can we do to more smoothly start our business growth this year? Well this is going to be coming from the basics, and I mean the basics. Stick with me for a minute.

Protons are a form of energy. You can think of them as potential. This makes them more  metaphysical than physical for our discussion. Potential is an important part of physics, and it can be expressed physically, but it is not physical.

Potential is also key to growth. Stretching to reach for more is essential to growth, and that isn't physical either.

Our businesses have many physical aspects, but these are not the most important parts. In 2020, the potential for growth will come from the non-physical parts of your business, the metaphysical. This is good news.


Your Metaphysical Business

We deliver objects (tires, cardboard, groceries) but more and more we deliver services that are not physical. They have different rules. Great delivery matters, stewardship matters, these are not physical and you know that whether you are good at it or not.

A smile matters. So does the sense that you are cared about, and that you are going to be taken care of. It is a core assumption that travels, without a specific conduit, from your and your people directly to your customers. They sense it. They pay for it, and they are usually pleased to pay more for it.

Comfort is a core product that you offer. Of course it is not physical. The good news is that you can generate it without needing a physical product. You can generate comfort for your team and customers at any time. The cash investment? Minor.

An example of comfort is your warrantee. We have tested this and know that a full satisfaction guarantee will allow you to charge up to double your normal fees or price. Why does that work? Because customers enjoy and pay for comfort. They pay the premium with a smile. Generating that comfort requires no plant or hardware or software. It is metaphysical. It is also good business.

Which companies take advantage of that? Amazon makes it almost trivial to change your mind. Patagonia (the sports wear company) will accept returns years after the product was sold. Many of your local stores and service companies will fix your order until you are happy. They are selling comfort. So can you. You have to decide that it "feels" safe. That there is a good start here, and that you will have good results.

This is a metaphysical transaction of your good will for their reimbursement. You sell, of all things, good. So where do you get more good?


The Starting Assumption

When you or your team starts a day, a project, a sales effort, you make an assumption. You would not start the project if you didn’t think it would help. And sometimes your team believes in what you are doing. Sometimes not. All too often they might assume “Here we go again.” They start with doubt.

If you start anything with one foot in and one out of a sense of success, it is double minded thinking. Is that the appropriate way to start? It is if you assume that both good and bad are your native process. If you assume that they are equal in every start, then any project that you start has a 50% chance of success and of 50 % chance of failure. Not a solid start, is it?

What if you assume success for critical projects? Look at where you want to have growth in 2020, in each of those let's assume that you can start from success. That you can take your foot out of the likelihood of failure.

If you start with an assumption of good, and no other choice, the chances of you getting good at the end are enormous. But can you?

Each proton (remember we are starting there) has undefined spin. So we can choose to go with it either way. We define the spin. The good news is that it costs us nothing to start with the definition that we want.



Our proton example is about potential. It is not really physical, it is about what could happen. Your business is like that, it is about what could happen. The good news is that there is no limit there if you start with an assumption of authority

Consider it to be like choosing music. You can listen to the same station (radio or Spotify or whatever) and this is your definition of comfort. And then you can choose a new source and experiment into the unknown.

It is not about the music, that changes. The point is that you get to define the choice. Even better, if you choose music that does not work, you have done no damage. You change the channel. You can do that because you are the authority.

If the core of our businesses was solid and unrepairable, then damage would be done with a poor decision. However, the core of our businesses is more like a proton - undefined potential with no real risk of failure. When we choose to work from unalloyed strength we will get an expression of that strength. Since it is not physical we can adjust as we go. We have total authority here.

If we want to help share comfort with our team and customers we have all the resources that we need.


Act or React

Some of us act, some react. But most of us alternate depending on where we are at any given moment. We take a position of authority for some issues. Or of being defined by our environment for others. When we react we feel powerless or adrift. But that is not how protons work. Protons act. Potential acts.

Think of the proton as our core strength. It is going to express, and the result is a tension. Our sense of safety wants stability and even stasis. Our inherent desire to grow wants to move into the unknown. Danger seems to lie in the unknown, but so does the growth of our business.

Tension and the unknown are not the problem. You and your team have the authority to define this as comfortable or uncomfortable. It is in your purview because it is intangible. It is not fixed and physical. The question is whether you act from your sense of good or whether you define the tension as a roadblock. Comfort is metaphysical and it is a choice.

You know all that, but the question is how you start your growth this year. Is it with one foot in the need to be safe in every choice, or just some of them?

Start whatever project you wish, choose to be in charge of it. Act on it, instead of reacting. Start with strength, and assume that for this project, maybe just this one project, that you are stretching and not struggling, that you are the team acting instead of reacting. Enjoy the tension.

The idea of protons and potential are the start to metaphysical products. Comfort is the next step. When you generate comfort as your product your customers will appreciate that, and reward you. It will feel good because it is good. It will self-reinforce and become a tool that you use, not one that uses you. And you will be growing both your business and your enjoyment.